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Is it Time to Replace Your AC?

Follow along with us as we take a look at a common scenario for people living in the South and trying to decide when it’s time to replace their Air Conditioning unit:

The Spring weather has brought the perfect temperatures, so you haven’t had to run your heat very much the last few weeks. The forecast calls for higher temps over the weekend and you notice your house is suddenly warmer than it usually is. You open some doors and windows and live with it, knowing it’s always cooler at night. The next day, your house is warm again and you decide to flip the switch and turn on your AC for the first time since October. Nothing happens. With the hot Georgia sun getting even hotter in the late afternoon, you call the first AC company you can find to come out and fix the problem. The technician tells you the news you were hoping you’d never hear – Your AC is unrepairable, and it needs to be replaced.

If you can relate to the above scenario, then continue along with us as we go over a few helpful tips when deciding on replacing your HVAC/AC Unit.

Before you agree to a replacement, we advise you check out the following:

- Ask your technician what components have failed

- Ask for pictures of the failed component or diagnostic procedure

- Find out if your system is under warranty (most AC systems have a 10 year factory warranty)

Besides sweaty days and nights, there are many reasons why you would need to replace your AC:

  • If any major component outside of your warranty period fails – compressor failure, evaporator coil, or a condenser leak

  • If your system is old (especially if you’re outside the ten to fifteen year time period)

  • If your R22 System experiences an evaporator coil or condenser coil leak

  • If you want to save money on your energy bill and upgrade to a more energy efficient model

After doing your research, you’ve come to grips that your AC needs to be replaced. Besides your comfort level being restored, what are the other benefits of purchasing and installing a new, high-efficiency HVAC system?


You’ll be surprised to learn that you can save twenty percent or more on your monthly heating and air conditioning bill.


You’ll notice, right away, an increase in performance which means more consistent and comfortable temperatures in your home.


Service calls can be costly and start to add up. The sooner you upgrade your HVAC, the sooner you can save money and enjoy all the financial benefits of having a properly working HVAC unit.


When the hottest temps of summer hit, your older system will have a hard time keeping up and may have already come to a grinding halt. A new HVAC system will reliably and efficiently adjust their performance to meet extreme, seasonal conditions.


With a new system and consistent comfort in your home, you’ll soon realize replacing your HVAC was the best decision you could make.

So, you know without a doubt you need an AC Replacement, now what? How do you know you’re going with a company you can trust?

Top-Quality Heating & Cooling is committed to providing our customers with a top quality experience by offering premium ​equipment, thorough and professional workmanship, as well as exceptional customer service. Our employees have many years of experience in the heating and air industry and take pride in their work from beginning to end.

For peace of mind, contact Top-Quality Heating & Cooling. We’re the experts on keeping your HVAC efficient and your home comfortable all year long. With your scheduled service call with Top Quality, a licensed technician will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection. Our professional team will assess your HVAC System and answer any concerns and questions you have. We will walk you through the AC Replacement process and help you with the next steps.

Top Quality Heating & Cooling offers top quality HVAC products and service. We also offer affordable, financing options to help make it easier when purchasing and installing a new system.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, give Top Quality a call:

- Increased energy bills

- No cold air coming through vents

- Low airflow coming through vents

- Strange noises coming from the AC unit

- Leakage around the AC unit

- Your AC isn’t powering on or cooling your home

Don’t get stuck this summer in the Georgia heat without a properly working Air Conditioner! Our Top Quality professional technicians are committed to your comfort and we’re always here to help.

Top Quality Heating & Cooling –

We Are The Change You Want To See In The Service Industry


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1 Comment

Big shoutout to AC Repair Weston company for their excellent AC replacement service. From the initial consultation to the final installation, they exceeded our expectations. Our new AC unit is working like a charm.

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