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All of our lead technicians at Top Quality have at least 10 years in the field experience and many with over 20 years. We only hire the best in the industry. We believe if you take care of your employees, they will do a Top Quality job for every customer, every time.

Top Quality Heating & Cooling is a Proud Partner of Trane.  

  • Nothing can be worse than having a broken air conditioning system during the hard days of summer. Keeping your family happy during the hot days should not be a dream, At Top Quality, we provide you with the top- tier air conditioning repair services for your heating and cooling systems. We have a group of professional, skilled HVAC technicians that can repair a variety of systems, new or old.

  • Installation 

    For equipment that is as sturdy and steadfast as HVAC units, it is always tough to realize when it is finally time to part ways with a system that had effectively kept you warm during cold winters and cool during summers. Not only is replacing your heating and cooling system a big investment, but who you choose to install your system can determine your monthly bills as well as how long your new system will last.

  • Maintenance

    The best way to make sure your system works all year is to schedule an air conditioning maintenance call. Through proper maintenance, your air conditioning equipment will run more economically and remain dependable for years to come.

  • Sales

    When it is time to replace your old, tired, wore out heating and cooling system, you can be confident Top Quality has the best Comfort Advisers to engineer the right system for your family and home. Did you know if your home is uncomfortable with your existing system, just replacing it may not fix all of your issues. Our Comfort Advisers will not only look at your equipment, but evaluate your whole home to make sure your family is comfortable, healthy, and safe.

  • Filter Changes & Air Quality

    Did you know one of the most important things to do with a heating and cooling system is to keep it clean. A big part of keeping your system clean is replacing your filter. We recommend installing high efficiency air cleaners to keep your system working at peak performance and lengthen the life of your system. Top Quality offers $35.00 filter changes plus the cost of the filter.

  • Duct Cleaning

    The duct work in your home is just as important to keep clean as much as your furnace and air conditioner. Dust and Pollen-filled air flows through your ductwork and will settle there over time. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends getting your air ducts cleaned every three to five years.

  • Home Automation & Installation

    "Smart home" is a very broad term, covering a huge number of connected gadgets, systems and appliances that do a wide variety of different things. "Home automation" is slightly less broad, referring specifically to things in your home that can be programmed to function automatically. In years past, those automations were pretty basic -- lamp timers, programmable thermostats and so on -- but that's changing thanks to the recent sprawl of smart home tech aimed at mainstream consumers. Call Top Quality and ask what we can do for you.

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