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Johns Creek High School

HVAC Contractor, AC Repair, AC Replacement & Furnace Services
Johns Creek, Georgia

Air Conditioning, Furnace & Heating & Cooling Repair Service

And Replacement Located In Ballground, GA

We Offer HVAC Repair, Installation Service For Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps And Furnaces Along With Affordable Maintenance Plans For Your Johns Creek, GA Home 

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Residents of Johns Creek, GA know how important it is to have their HVAC systems running smoothly year around.  The summer months can be heat up your home quickly and in the winter, the cold air can get down right bone chilling.  For this reason, it is important to maintain, repair or replace your heating and cooling systems with the best HVAC Contractor, Top Quality Heating & Cooling.  We have been keeping homeowners comfortable since 1999. 

155 Wes Walker Memorial Dr.

Suite 300

Ball Ground, GA 30107

Our HVAC Services


When your AC needs a repair or a replacement, Top Quality Heating & Cooling provides the best HVAC solutions to get your home comfortable again.  We will find the source of the problem and advise you on what is the best course of action to take. 

duct cleaning

Your air ducts promote steady, clean air distribution throughout your home. When your ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, they can cause a buildup of dust, dander, and other allergens that are delivered to us in the air we breathe.  Top Quality Heating & Cooling will ensure your home will get the best removal of dust, dirt, and other micro organisms throughout your duct system.


When it comes time to heat your home from the colder months, Top Quality Heating & Cooling can get your home warm and cozy again with a furnace repair or furnace replacement.  When your furnace breaks down or needs an upgrade, you need a company that provides furnace services you can rely on.

HALO LED air purification

Our professionals can offer multiple choices to improve the quality of your home’s air with the use of air purifiers, air filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers or germicidal lights. 

Jeremy Queen

Before the heat of a hot Georgia,  summer or cold Georgia winter are here, you want to ensure your air conditioner and furnace is 100% working. That is why it's important to have your HVAC Systems serviced with an annual tune-up. 

top quality thermostat

In today's digital world where more and more devices are becoming smart, connected, and automated. At Top Quality Heating & Cooling, we can provice simple and reliable bi-directional integration with Home Automation systems.

Country Style Home


"Their bid to repair my HVAC was better than any of the "radio company's" (and I had six of them) and they fit into my budget. Total pros and very friendly to talk with. I am glad I went with these guys. Will recommend them in a heart beat. Thank you guys !"   

- Ball Ground, Ga 

FaceBook Review

"I spent 7 weeks and went through 8 companies (for quotes) in order to have 2 whole systems replaced. I could not not have gotten a better deal! The crew were "Top Quality" knowledgable, professional and considerate. Save yourself the time and hassle, go with these guys... "    

- Cumming, Ga 

Google Review

Absolutely great company. I believe in family owned business because they actually care about the people, not just the money. Justin and Jamie came out to service my air conditioner and they were extremely professional and very nice. Some contractors can be condescending and mean. Not these guys. They were very caring and explained our "non issue" meaning they didn't go and make things up just to get paid. We really didn't have anything wrong. What a great company. I will be speaking with Bethany, whom btw is also very nice, about their ongoing service plan for future needs. Why look elsewhere when you find the best! Thanks a bunch Top Quality! I'll be back

Google Review

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