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AC Replacement & AC Installation

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Trane Products

When it comes to  AC replacement, Top Quality Heating & Cooling is the HVAC Contractor  to call. Our Air Conditioner Service & Sales is the best in Ballground, Canton, Woodstock and all of North Georgia. 

Not all homes are the same. Our comfort specialists can perform a load calculation (A load calculation is a method of determining the heat gain and loss of a building)  to ensure the system you buy is properly sized to maximize efficiency and optimize your comfort level.


An air conditioner’s efficiency, performance, durability, and initial cost depend on matching its size to the following factors:


1. The size of your home and the number of windows it has
2. The amount of shade on your home’s windows, walls, and roof
3. How much insulation is in the ceilings and walls of your home
4. The amount of air that leaks into your home from outside
5. The amount of heat the appliances and occupants in your home generate

Top Quality Heating & Cooling Expert AC Replacement & AC Installation

  • Provide AC Replacement Options & Clearly Explain the Benefits of each

  • Our AC Replacement Estimates are fair with no hidden costs

  • We show up when we say we will show up

  • Every screw will be tightened, duct will be sealed, every wire in its place, all your questions will be answered

  • We will leave your home better than we found it

AC Replacement Products to Consider


Having a little dial on your wall that just turns your system on and off is long gone. Now you can have a nice, color touchscreen control that will make sure your system is working at peak performance to heat and cool your home. You can set up the control to automatically run your system to lower energy consumption and even tell Top Quality if you are having an issue with your system. You can also adjust your new control with your smart phone along with see what the weather will be. 

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps work just like your air conditioner in the summer time to remove heat from your home and release the heat outside to keep your family comfortable. In the winter time the heat pump can actually reverse the process to remove heat from the out door ambient air and release that heat indoors to heat your home. With heat pumps, the heat coming out of the vents is not as hot which some find more comfortable. 

Media Air Cleaners

At Top Quality we offer many different air cleaners for your home and family. The most basic filter is only a start to keeping your system clean. Upgrading your filter to a high efficient air cleaner will ensure that your system will work at peak efficiency, last longer, and keep your family healthier.  At Top Quality we will also look at your whole home to make sure  your family is more comfortable and healthier. Your new air cleaner will clean the air that travels through your duct system, but our Comfort Advisers will provide solutions to keep dust and allergens out of your home altogether.

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