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We are happy to help you make sure your new equipment has a long and happy life! 

Your system requires maintenance & repairs by a

properly-trained service technician.

“Do‑it-yourself” repairs on an in‑warranty unit may void your warranty. 

Other than performing the simple maintenance recommended below, you should not attempt to make  any adjustments or repairs to your system.

Top Quality H&C can assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise. 

Top Quality Heating & Cooling

Warranty Information and Recommendations

1.) Replace the air filter(s) 

A clean filter saves you money by helping ensure top system efficiency and protects the unit from premature failure. When replacing your filter(s), always use the same size and type that was originally supplied or consult  with your dealer for recommendations. Be sure to replace it with the arrows pointing in the direction of the airflow. standard 1" filters typically need to be replaced replaced every month up to 3 months with the same size as originally supplied. Clean or replace your filter twice a month during seasons when the unit runs more often. 

*You can text us a picture of your indoor unit to 678-928-1728 or email a picture to to find out where the filter is located in your system and how to service it. 

2.) Maintain free outdoor coil airflow 

Efficient operation of your system depends on the free flow of air over outdoor unit’s coil. 

Do not plant flowers or shrubbery right next to the unit. Also, make sure that nothing is stacked against the sides of the unit or draped over it. Buildup of snow and ice can restrict airflow along with, but not limited to, leaves, sticks, animal fur, etc. Be sure to clean the area around the outdoor unit as soon as possible after accumulation of debris. 

3.) Clean the finish of the units

To ensure the longevity of the outdoor unit appearance, clean the exterior finish with soap and fresh water. For stubborn grease spots, use a household detergent. Do not use lacquer thinner or other synthetic solvents as they may damage the finish.

4.) Call/Text Top Quality for additional routine maintenance. (678) 928-1728 

Your system should be inspected at least once per year by a properly trained service technician. 

Warranty Eligibility Requirements: The following items are required for the Product(s) to be covered under your Parts and Labor warranty: 

• The Product(s) must be in the same location where they were originally installed. 

• The Product(s) must be properly installed, operated, and maintained by Top Quality Heating & Cooling in accordance with the Product specifications with each Product. Failure to conform to such specification and/or installation, operation, and maintenance instructions shall void this warranty for Parts and Labor.  

• Top Quality H&C and Manufacturer may request written documentation showing the proper preventative maintenance. 

• All Product parts replaced by Top Quality under this limited warranty must be given to Top Quality to return to the Manufacturer/Supply House in order for the part to be covered under warranty. 

• Air handler, air conditioner, heat pumps, cased or uncased coils, stand-alone furnaces, and packaged units must be part of an Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute rated and matched system• All claims under this limited warranty must be filed within 90 days of failure date. 


Exclusions: The following are not covered by this limited warranty: 

• Labor costs, including, but not limited to, costs for diagnostic calls or the removal and reinstallation of Products and /or Product parts are not to be covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty. Labor & Maintenance costs will only be covered under the terms of the customer's paid invoice. Once the terms are satisfied, Labor costs, including, but not limited to, costs for diagnostic calls or the removal and reinstallation of Products and /or Product parts will be included in future repairs.

• Shipping and freight expenses required to ship Product replacement parts. 

• Failures, defects or damage (including, but not limited to, any loss of data or property) caused by: 

o Any third-party product, service, or system connected or used in conjunction with the Product(s); 

o Any use that is not designed or intended for the Product(s); 

o Modification, alteration, abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident; 

o Improper storage, installation, maintenance, or operation including, but not limited to, operation of electrical equipment at voltages other that the range specified on the Product nameplate; 

o Any use in violation of the written instructions or specifications provided by Company; 

o Any acts of God including, but not limited to, fire, water, storms, lightening, or earthquakes, or any theft or riots; 

o A corrosive and/or damaging atmosphere or contact with corrosive material such as, but not limited to, chlorine, fluorine, salt, sulfur, recycled waste water, urine, fertilizers, rust, or other damaging substances like construction dust or an influx of other airborne particulates, or chemicals. 

• Purchases of Products made on an uninstalled basis, whether direct, online or through a secondary or auction market. 

• Cabinets or cabinet pieces that do not affect Product performance, air filters, refrigerant, refrigerant line sets, belts, wiring, fuses, surge protection devices, non-factory installed driers, and Product accessories. 

• Increased utility usage costs. 

• Replacement parts required to convert Product(s) from R-410A refrigerant to any other refrigerant. 

• Use of alternate, contaminated, counterfeit, non-manufacture approved refrigerants, and/or non-approved refrigerant additives including, but not 

limited to, dyes will void this warranty. 

• Liquid line filter drier must be replaced when a compressor replacement is necessary. A suction line filter drier must be added for compressor failures defined as burnouts and failure to do so will void this limited warranty 

• Any service performed on equipment other than by a Top Quality Heating and Cooling Technician will  void any Labor Warranty left in accordance to the Terms of the customers Paid Top Quality H&C Invoice on the date of service. (As much as we would love to trust other heating and air technicians from other companies, we are only able to stand behind the experienced workmanship of our trusted Top Quality Heating and Air Professionals.)

Call us or Text Us anytime to discuss our Maintenance Plans

and find which will be the best fit for you!


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