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Our employees have many years of experience in the heating and air industry and take pride in 

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Jeremy Queen, Owner


Air Purification Waiting List

HA​LO-LED™ Whole Home In-Duct Air P​urifier

Top Quality is committed to offer our customers solutions for all their HVAC needs like REME-LED In-duct Air Purification. However, with the high demand for Air Purification products, manufacturers are overwhelmed and slow coming.


Product goes quickly, so, we would like to offer you an opportunity to get on our waiting list.


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The Nexia Home App is now
Trane® Home
Don't Have the Trane® Home app yet? 

Take care of your home and the people in it from anywhere with Trane® Home (formerly Nexia™). Trane Home is home automation made simple because now you stay connected everywhere you go. Run the most important systems in your home - thermostats, locks, lights and cameras - from your Android phone. Supported by household brands like Schlage, Trane Home ties together the things that matter most. 

Why are you rebranding the Nexia® mobile app to Trane Home?

We are simplifying your brand experience by matching the name of your Trane thermostat and/or HVAC system to the name of your app.  By using the Trane Home app, all of our communications, updates, and new features will directly relate to your system.

Since Trane is an expert in HVAC, we will focus on developing features and functionality relating to home comfort, efficiency, and air quality.

All existing integrations with products will remain the same after the rebrand.

What action is required on my part?


Your app will automatically update to the new branding with an app update.  If you have automatic app updates on your phone, no action will be required.

If you do not have automatic app updates enabled, please follow these steps:

  • Android users:

    1. Visit the Google Play Store.

    2. Go to My Apps and Games.

    3. Trane Home will be listed as an available update.

  • iOS users:

    1. Visit the Apple App Store.

    2. Select Account Settings.

    3. Trane Home will be listed as an available update.

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Fall Time HVAC Maintenance Tips

Fall home maintenance checklist: gutters, windows, doors and trees

Taking care of your home in the fall is as much about handling the current weather as it is about getting your home ready for winter.

Do this early in the season

Get your heating system checked by a professional – This checkup could do a few good things:

  • It’s a good safety check, because technicians could look for leaks and head off carbon monoxide poisoning. (This will supplement your monthly check noted in the first list).

  • An in-shape heating system in shape works efficiently which could keep your energy bills down during the cooler months.

  • If you have the system’s warranty, you may also see that the manufacturer requires an annual checkup to keep the warranty in effect. Better Homes & Gardens recommends booking this at the end of summer or in early fall.

Outdoor maintenance 

  • Trim trees. You want to look for dead branches or ones that could damage your home. A professional can help you determine which ones to address, and make sure they don’t fall on your home or your neighbor’s.

  • Check the roof and chimney. Look for missing shingles or damaged flashing. A well-maintained roof (no loose shingles) is important, and flashing, which is partly installed under roof shingles, helps prevent leaks where the roof and chimney meet.

  • Get your chimney, fireplace and flue checked and cleaned. Keeping your chimney cleaned can prevent creosote buildup and clearing out nests can help prevent fires. If the damper doesn’t work, your home’s warm air will literally go through the roof when you’re not using the fireplace.

  • Clean the gutters. Yes, again with gutters.

  • Seal gaps near windows and doors. This will help you keep heat in during the cooler months. You may be able to use weather stripping or caulk. You may also need a replacement and/or professional assistance.

  • Swap screens for storm windows. This can help keep the chilly air out. (And heat in.)

  • Remove or cover air conditioners. Preventing weather damage could help you avoid having to buy new ones.

  • Bring in lawn furniture and hoses. Even outdoor equipment needs protection from harsh weather

Indoor maintenance 

  • Change the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide detectors. You test them every month, but you may want to change the batteries every year.

  • Clean your dryer's vent. Fires are not fun. Properly warming dryers are great.

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Jeremy Queen started Top Quality in 1999 because he saw many contractors installing heating and cooling equipment who lacked the proper knowledge and professionalism to install it correctly. So many homes were being built during the housing boom, that unfortunately quantity took the place of quality. Most homeowners only think about the shiny things in the home they see everyday. They only think about the mechanical systems when there is a problem. The plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems are not only what makes your home comfortable and livable, but can also be dangerous if installed incorrectly. If you think you have an issue, call or text 706-889-0061 or     678-928-1728 and ask for Jeremy.

All of our lead technicians at Top Quality have at least 10 years in the field experience and many with over 20 years. We only hire the best in the industry. We believe if you take care of your employees, they will do a Top Quality job for every customer, every time. 




Top Quality Heating & Cooling has been providing homeowners in metro Atlanta Top Great Quality Service.


Top Quality Heating & Cooling is Licensed, Bonded & Insured. 


Top Quality Heating & Cooling only employs qualified, experienced technicians. 


Top Quality Heating & Cooling's is known as trusted, knowledgable and professional HVAC Provider in the ATL. Check out our Reviews! 

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"Their bid to repair my HVAC was better than any of the "radio company's" (and I had six of them) and they fit into my budget. Total pros and very friendly to talk with. I am glad I went with these guys. Will recommend them in a heart beat. Thank you guys !"   

- Ball Ground, Ga 

FaceBook Review

"I spent 7 weeks and went through 8 companies (for quotes) in order to have 2 whole systems replaced. I could not not have gotten a better deal! The crew were "Top Quality" knowledgable, professional and considerate. Save yourself the time and hassle, go with these guys... "    

- Cumming, Ga 

Google Review

Absolutely great company. I believe in family owned business because they actually care about the people, not just the money. Justin and Jamie came out to service my air conditioner and they were extremely professional and very nice. Some contractors can be condescending and mean. Not these guys. They were very caring and explained our "non issue" meaning they didn't go and make things up just to get paid. We really didn't have anything wrong. What a great company. I will be speaking with Bethany, whom btw is also very nice, about their ongoing service plan for future needs. Why look elsewhere when you find the best! Thanks a bunch Top Quality! I'll be back

Google Review

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