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Tips to Prepare Your Home for the North Georgia Winter Season

As fall arrives, so does the sweet and chilling anticipation of winter weather. It is the perfect time to start preparing the household for the cold. Homeowners should make arrangements to keep their homes:

  • Warm

  • Maintained energy consumption

  • Increase the life of HVAC heating systems

  • Remove any potential safety hazards

Thoroughly check your home's heating system.

Although it seems winter is already here, it is advised that professionals should inspect your home's heating system before winter arrives. Timely servicing and HVAC Furnace Maintenance are Top Quality Heating & Cooling’s best solutions to increase the furnace's life and reduce any chances of malfunction.

Operating a dirty furnace or one that isn’t properly tuned up can cause damage to the furnace. It will cause your utility bills to be higher because the HVAC system will have to work harder to produce the desired temperature.

Top Quality Heating & Cooling heating offers excellent affordable HVAC Maintenance Services for your furnace to keep it running at its best throughout the winter season. But homeowners can take some steps before they schedule their bi-annual HVAC Maintenance to prepare their homes for the North Georgia winter season! Here are more tips on maintaining your heating and cooling HVAC systems.

Be ready for winter by preparing your home beforehand.

While we recommend you call a professional to diagnose your system thoroughly, there are a few items homeowners can check themselves.

Steps for Homeowners to take care of their HVAC Heating Systems

  1. Before performing any maintenance, turn off the system and wait for the blower to stop.

2. Check your air filter and replace it if needed. We recommend that you replace the filter every spring and every fall.

3. Check the filter monthly between changes to ensure it isn’t dirty.

4. Remove any debris near or on the furnace. Items around the furnace can be a fire hazard and obstruct the air supply.

5. Listen for noises while your heater is running. Furnaces that aren’t running efficiently often produce odd noises.

6. Ensure your thermostat is working correctly. Replace the batteries in thermostats or any wireless system in the home.

7. Pay close attention to any unusual odors, especially if you have a gas furnace.

8. Don’t forget to turn your heat down when no one is home.

9. Fill any cracks in your doors or windows, and put weather stripping around doors or windows.

10. Monitor heat vents to ensure proper heat distribution throughout the home.

11. Check condensate hoses and traps that must be cleaned out and replaced if damaged.

12. Perform a visual inspection of the heat exchanger, burners, and switches. Look for cracks

or deterioration.

13. Ensure the carbon monoxide detector is working, test it, and replace the batteries at least annually.

If you have any concerns or questions about your furnace or HVAC system, contact Top Quality Heating & Cooling today and inquire about a maintenance plan. A qualified HVAC technician will get you ready for winter temperatures! 678-928-1728

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