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Georgia's Hot & Humid Summer is Here, Do you know what the humidity levels are in your home?

Top Quality Heating & Cooling Can Help.
Hot Humidity Levels in Your Home?

Living in Georgia, the word 'humid' is a regular part of our vocabulary. As summer progresses, the air becomes increasingly moist, which can be very uncomfortable. Now, imagine if your home's humidity control system stopped working properly. Your HVAC unit should be able to keep up with the outside moisture levels, and your home should be a comfortable haven from the summer heat. If you notice that your house has become excessively hot and damp, it could be a sign that your HVAC unit is not controlling the humidity levels effectively.

According to the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency: "Indoor relative humidity (RH) should be kept below 60 percent -- ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible." However, it's important to note that every home is unique, and customers should base their decisions on what feels comfortable for them. Learn more...

Top Quality Heating & Cooling can help detect and correct any potential humidity threats to ensure your comfort and safety in your home.


During the summer months, it's common to experience humidity problems inside the house. If you need assistance in identifying the reasons behind the increased humidity, the following are the most likely culprits:

  • Dirty Coils- Cleaning the coils of your HVAC machine is crucial to prevent future problems. The coils play a significant role indehumidifying the air, but if they are dirty, particles can accumulate and hinder moisture removal from the air as it circulatesthrough the system.

  • It's important to avoid using an oversized HVAC unit for your home. Contrary to what you might think, bigger is not alwaysbetter for HVAC. If the unit is too large for your home, it won't run for a sufficient amount of time to effectively dehumidify theair on a regular basis.

  • If your unit has limited speed controls and settings, it will operate at maximum speed to cool the room, which can prevent the removal of water vapor.

  • If your unit has not been regularly maintained and is over ten years old, it may start to become less efficient in its functions over time. One of the first features that may start to decline is dehumidification, as the unit focuses its limited energy on cooling.

  • If there is a leak in your ductwork, hot and humid air can seep through and contaminate the air being circulated throughout your home. This can make it difficult for your unit to remove excess moisture from the air.


If you need help with humidity control, repair, maintenance, replacement, or anything else, we are here for you. Our technicians prioritize customer satisfaction and will provide their honest and expert opinion. Georgia homeowners won’t regret contacting us—day or night! Here are a few reasons we are the top HVAC service in Ballground, GA and metro Atlanta:

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