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The Nexia Home App is nowTrane® Home Don't Have the Trane® Home app yet?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Take care of your home and the people in it from anywhere with Trane® Home (formerly Nexia™). Trane Home is home automation made simple because now you stay connected everywhere you go. Run the most important systems in your home - thermostats, locks, lights and cameras - from your Android phone. Supported by household brands like Schlage, Trane Home ties together the things that matter most.

Why are you rebranding the Nexia® mobile app to Trane Home? We are simplifying your brand experience by matching the name of your Trane thermostat and/or HVAC system to the name of your app. By using the Trane Home app, all of our communications, updates, and new features will directly relate to your system.

Since Trane is an expert in HVAC, we will focus on developing features and functionality relating to home comfort, efficiency, and air quality.

All existing integrations with products will remain the same after the rebrand.

What action is required on my part?


Your app will automatically update to the new branding with an app update. If you have automatic app updates on your phone, no action will be required.

If you do not have automatic app updates enabled, please follow these steps:

  • Android users:

    1. Visit the Google Play Store.

    2. Go to My Apps and Games.

    3. Trane Home will be listed as an available update.

  • iOS users:

    1. Visit the Apple App Store.

    2. Select Account Settings.

    3. Trane Home will be listed as an available update.

to learn more!

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